A real story of lessons learned from accident survivor Brant 'Bugsy' North.  

Choices & Consequences, in his own words, presents a relatable situation of the vulnerability in the working environment & the importance of personal ownership & creating a psychologically safe workplace

In 1999, Brant was working at an underground longwall coal mine when he was trapped by a moving conveyor chain. During his eight-hour ordeal, Brant had to have both legs amputated – which was followed by weeks of delayed physical trauma, including kidney and lung failure.


Just over 12 months later, Brant represented Australia in the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games – competing in both volleyball and basketball. Today, he is a husband and father to eight wonderful kids. For the past 13 years, Brant has travelled across Australia & New Zealand, sharing his personal experience & the learnings from his accident to industry sectors.


Brants confronting but inspiring message of personal ownership of safety continues to hit home with workforces, and encourage personal attitudes towards safe work and support the current efforts across workplaces in creating a culture shift towards psychologically safe workplace through a relatable experience.


Beyond an inspirational story of resilience, the learnings & contributing factors of Brant’s accident such as isolation, communication, guarding, hazard identification & change management, continue to be relevant in workplaces across Australia.


To date, Brant has presented to over 10,000 workers, sharing this powerful & insightful safety message.

If you would like more information regarding opportunities for Bugsy to visit your workplace to share his story, please feel free to enquire below or contact 0439 495 518.

our clients said...

Bugsy is an inspirational person with a strong safety message that touches and stick in everyone head.  This presentation is life changing, I thought about my own life differently after hearing Brant and members of the workforce still come and talk to me about it and the impact it made a couple of years after he spoke to us.

Shane Apps - Health, Safety & Training Manager - Peabody

Brant's story would be unbelievable if it wasn't true. Brant's presentation is so inspirational that every worker should hear it. Brant was a keen, young, new worker that did a simple task at work that changed his and his family's lives for ever. It nearly ended it.  Of all the lessons about safety and health management, none come close to Brant's presentation.   There isn't anything more memorable about workplace safety than Brant's presentation. A small investment might save an accident in your workplace. Every worker should hear Brant's message about workplace safety. -

Mark Parcell - Safety Institute of Australia

Bugsys story is relevant, emotional and really struck at the chords of each of the workers that listened. Bugsy's message was so relevant and hit home for the guys so much that they spoke about it at pre-start meetings for many months, a far greater impact than other key note speakers, or life experience speakers I have come across. Bugsy was on the level, and spoke the language of the workers to deliver a long lasting impression. I would recommend Bugsy for any speaking engagement being planned.

Brendan Wright - AngloAmerican

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