An online platform created specifically for underground coal miners to support mental wellness.

A collision of awesome conversations delivering self awareness and resilience insights through shared storytelling based on the experiences of real miners

Supporting mental wellness & awareness through ‘Lightbulb’ learning moments. 

Traditional programs of care for the individual have been reactive measures such as Employee Assistance Programs. Whilst these services are extremely valuable & important in supporting our people, we believe that a more proactive and intentional ‘community of care’ is required if we are to get on the front foot and effectively support miners mental wellness. 

The Changing Shed, accessible on any device in private, is an on online platform delivering self-awareness and resilience insights delivered through shared storytelling, simplified concepts & principles around human behavours based on some of the leading global experts & their learnings.


We have partnered with some of the industries most respected behavioural & psychology experts that are excited to lean in to the Changing Shed with us to participate & share their knowledge, perspective, tips & tricks.



  • Deliver insights  through real stories, positions people to understand their own choices and consequences, highlights the vulnerabilities in their work & home environment & empowers change through the delivery and application of simple tools & techniques to mitigate stressors & develop a practical arsenal of coping tools.


  • Content is curated specifically for the Underground audience need and will be delivered in formats and styles to engage with, and talk to the unique stressors, lifestyle, challenges and demands of mining life.

  • The platform provides both practical and relatable bite-sized learning pieces, and a community forum that promotes the collision of supportive conversation.

  • Learning is done when the learner/employee is ready to learn, in a frictionless non-confronting environment.

  • Further promoting active engagement, the online learning platform will be supported by an optional online member community dedicated to sharing experiences, building pride and positive mindset & supporting each other in the transition from surviving to thriving, whatever that may look like for each individual.

The Changing Shed offers organizations an opportunity to proactively support the mental well-being and self development of employees in managing their own mental health